• Permanent magnet motor
  • Steel cross gearbox
  • Steel acme screw
  • Stainless steel or chrome plated steel push rod
  • Aluminum housing and cover tube
  • Grease lubricated
  • IP65
  • Working temperature range: -10° C +60 °C
  • Intermittent duty

HP5 performances have been developed to meet photovoltaic industry needs, with a product able to keep a very high static load also in case of long strokes (> 500 mm), maintaining extremely low both speed and consumption (15.000 N with 2 mm/s and 6 A).
HP5 electric linear actuator is characterized by structural strength and flexibility, to model itself in compliance with applications requiring high load capacity, moderate speed and precise movements.

Technical data
  • Max force: 15.000 N
  • Max speed: 5,5 mm/s
  • Motor: DC