AM-X series

These electric linear actuators are oriented to servo-actuation, being designed to mount the latest generations of servo, stepper and brushless motors.
AM-X series in particular has been developed to offer the best flexibility and be interchangeable with pneumatic cylinders. ISO standards of pneumatic cylinders, in fact, are exactly reproduced in flanges and female threaded holes in the front part of electric linear actuators, allowing the mounting and matching of accessories typically used by pneumatic cylinders.
The most suitable application fields are: industrial automation, food and tissue industries, packaging and robotics. This range of products in fact is intended for applications requiring high speed with medium/heavy load, small movements but repeated frequently, providing a constant and accurate control of the linear motion performed.
Technical data
  • Max force: 15.000 N
  • Max speed: 150 mm/s
  • Motor: BL/SERVO (supplied from customer)
  • Interchangeable with pneumatic cylinders